Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Weekend's Wacky Weather!

This weekend has been CRAZY!!! (Weather Wise) lol

It all stated Thursday. I woke up, thinking, "yay! It's September!" But when I got up, I realized that it wasn't September,  it was July. 

No, it was September, but the weather felt like July. I went over to my laptop, and looked to see what the weather was for the day...

90 degrees!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it. And remember, we don't like in Florida, or Texas...we live in Michigan. We are up north, Isn't it suppose to be cold here all the time? 

Anyway, instead of putting on jeans and a hoodie, I ended up putting on shorts and a tank top...:( The day was so hot...but when I was listening to the radio that afternoon, I heard the local DJ say that tomorrow was suppose to be in the 100's! 

Some September this was turning out to be.

So, when Friday came, so did the heat. I tried to stay inside my cool bedroom all day, but It didn't work. Mom surprised us and took us to the air conditioned mall, and we ate lunch there, and just hung out for a few hours. But soon, we had to go home.

On the way home, we stopped at the Library a block away from my house. And we got some movies.

Our basement is the coolest part of the house, and in March, we bought a projector, so that we can watch movies, and play Wii on it. It is really nice, because it feels like you are in a movie theater.

Anyway, so my brother Cameron and I went downstairs to watch the movies.

First we watched "How to Train Your Dragon." (I love that movie!)

Then, after dinner, we went back down and watched "Megamind." But when we were almost done with the movie, all of a sudden, the screen went dark.

It was pitch black.

It the silence, we could hear outside the loud howl of the wind and rain. We knew the power was out.

Trying to find our way upstairs  in the dark was hard, but we finally found the steps, and we knew our way from there.

We learned the power had gone out. I remember looking out the window, and seeing the yard get lit up by the lightning. I love storms, but this one was kinda creepy.

Soon, the power was back on, and the storm stopped.

I went to bed, once again, hot.

The next day was the same.

So was the next.




Then, when I woke up on Monday morning, (Labor Day) I knew something was different. Maybe it was that I was actually under a blanket...

Anyway, so I got up, and instead of putting on shorts and a tank top...I put on a hoodie and jeans!

Once again, I looked on my computer to see what the weather was, and I was happy to see that it said....59 degrees!!!

And ever since then, it hasn't gotten over 70 degrees. I guess September finally realized that it was his time to make some cool weather. 

Sometimes, I am not a big fan of being cold. I have allergies, so I am always sneezing in the winter and fall times, but I still love getting warm when it is cold. I love putting on an extra pare of socks, or adding that extra blanket to my bed. 

I love Autumn, because of it's beauty, plus...

Christmas is in only 108 days, 16 hours, and 2 minutes...

but who's counting?

lol Thanks for reading! ~ Sam


Jasmine said...

The Same thing is happening here in TN! Actually, it was SOOOO HOT (it got up to 120 degrees here), and then September 1st, 59 degrees and rainy, and it won't stop raining!

Kellee said...

Same thing happened to me, too, in Georgia... It was SO hot a few days ago, then it got into the 60s, but it's warming up again, slowly. :(