Sunday, August 14, 2011

Only Hope

"Only Hope."

From this picture above, I bet that most of you know where that is from..."Only Hope," is a song from a movie that came out about 10 years ago called, "A Walk to Remember." I'm sure most of you have seen, or heard about the movie. 

The story is about a girl named Jamie Sullivan. She is a sweet, friendly Christian girl. In fact, she is known as the Jesus freak in her school.

The story is also about a guy named Landon Carter. A trouble making kid, who is always hanging out with the wrong crowd. In fact, he gets in trouble, and as his punishment, is that he has to be apart of the Spring Musical, which he does not want to be do.

Jamie, who was anxious about working on the Musical, and Landon have to work on the school play together. Jamie, knowing that Landon has always hung out with the wrong crown, tries to be friendly to him, and soon realizes that he really isn't a bad kid. It was just who he hung around. They quickly form a friendship, which a lot of people make fun of.

In the mean time, Landon starts to form a love interest with Jamie. But Jamie, has no interest in Landon-until he sticks up for her when Landon's old friends start to pick on her. She soon realizes that he is a good friend, and with the permission of her father, (The pastor of a local Church) She agrees to date him.

Lot's of things go on during this movie, including a very sad ending. I enjoyed this movie, even though I am not  really big into Love stories, this story is more than just that. 

About halfway through the movie, in the spring musical scene, Jamie has to sing a song. Which, is suppose to be a love song, but really, if you listen to the words, means much more than that. The song is called, "Only Hope."

If you listen to the words, it is more of a love song to God. It is like telling God, "I am only yours, and I don't want to belong to anyone else. You are my God, and I know that you will be with me forever." It is a very strong song, and I love it. In fact, at the beginning of the year, I sang the song for that talent competition at Olivet Nazarene University. 

Well, I just thought I would share this. I saw a post on another blog, where she talked about the song, so I thought I would give you my take on it.

I hope you all have a great week!

And remember who your Only Hope is...

Thanks! ~Sammy 

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i love that song!!!!