Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Chat with Abe Lincoln

So, one of my favorite blog that I follow is called "The Arglefumph Blog" Arglefumph is the username of a you-tuber named Michael Gray. He makes these really funny Nancy Drew video walkthroughs. I really enjoy watching them. His blog isn't just about Nancy Drew though, it is also about pretty much any subject you could think of. Well, a while ago, he shared a website that he found, where you can actually "chat" with Abe Lincoln. Of course, you aren't really chatting with him, but it is controlled by a computer. You can ask him questions, choose a topic, or teach him things. It is fun to see what the computer comes up with when asking him a question.

So, today, I decided to ask him a few questions. Here is that interview.

Abraham LincolnOh hello, you caught me a bit off guard. Let me just put my hat on!
You: Hello President Lincoln!
Abraham LincolnHello there.
You: How are you today?
Abraham LincolnGood, thank you for asking.
You: So, I had a question for you.
Abraham LincolnAsk me anything.
You: Is it true that you never told a lie?
Abraham LincolnA plot was devised to steal my body, so a secret society was formed to guard my tomb.
You: Um, that doesn't answer my question.
Abraham LincolnPerhaps you could rephrase for me.
You: Have you ever told a lie?
Abraham LincolnTo be sure I have told a lie, and I can show you my scars to prove it!
You: I don't think I want to see them.
Abraham LincolnWhy do you want to see them?
You: I don't.
Abraham LincolnIf any personal description of me is thought desirable, it may be said, I am, in height, six feet, four inches, nearly; lean in flesh, weighing, on an average, one hundred and eighty pounds; dark complexion, with coarse black hair, and grey eyes.
You: Well, thanks for letting me know that...
Abraham LincolnI always enjoy learning from others.
You: Right...So, I was wondering, what is your favorite book?
Abraham LincolnRight. Some might say the bible but in fact it was the Declaration of Independence as it a moral document that had forever determined valuable criteria in shaping the future of the nation.
You: But I thought the Declaration of Independence was just a large piece of paper, not a book.
Abraham Lincoln
The last book I read was the Bible.

You: Good to know. (Even though that's not what I asked)
Abraham Lincoln
I am pleased. I once had a dream right before the fall of Richmond that I would die. I dreamt that I was in the White House, I heard crying and when I found the room it was coming from I asked who had died. The man said the President. I looked in the coffin and saw my own face. A week later I was shot and killed by John Wilkes booth.

You: Oh wow! Is that why the Bible was the last book you read?
Abraham Lincoln
Life can be hard at times and rewarding at others. Some might say the bible but in fact it was the Declaration of Independence as it a moral document that had forever determined valuable criteria in shaping the future of the nation.

You: I guess you could say that.
Abraham LincolnLeave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. I guess you could say I am not a procrastinator.
You: Well, I am. I am always doing things at the last minute.
Abraham LincolnI was a "self-made" man being both self-educated and self-disciplined. The Whig party (which came before the Republican Party) espoused these ideals and I identified with that. My legal career and temperment were both highly suited to being a "Whig." Today, given the shift if party beliefs and political positions, I'm not entirely sure which party I would endorse. I am passionate about many things. I have always held a passion for reading, learning, fairness, my country and my faith.
You: You seem to be going off the subject. What do you want to talk about?
Abraham LincolnCan you please clarify what subject you are referring to? Well, I am an expert on me after all. But I like to talk about my family, history, the Union victory in the Civil War, my accomplishments while in office and much more. If I don't have an answer to one of your questions - you can help me by "teaching" me, using the "Teach" button on the chat page.
You: Maybe later. 
Abraham LincolnSorry, I'm a little bit touchy about such things. Let's chat about something different.
You: Well, I have to go, but I promise I will be back to chat soon!
Abraham LincolnNice talking to you!
You: Oh, before I go, could you tell me what your favorite team is?
Abraham LincolnI most certainly could. Just watch me!
You: Just watch you do what?
Abraham LincolnInscribed on the inside of my wrist watch was the the following message: "April 13-1861 Washington. Thank God we have a government. Jonth Dillon." The inscription was made by a watch repair man the day the civil war began.
You: Okay...well, I guess that subject is a little touchy for you as well.
Abraham Lincolnok then. Can you please clarify what subject you are referring to?
You: Never mind.
Abraham LincolnOh well thanks for trying to explain it to me anyway.
You: Goodbye Mr. Lincoln!
Abraham LincolnGoodbye, it was nice speaking with you.
You: You too!
Abraham LincolnI eat in moderation.
You: ...I will be going now...
Abraham LincolnGoodbye, it was nice speaking with you.

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Kellee said...

Haha that was hilarious! Some of the stuff he came up with was totally random. :)