Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Sick with Buck Denver

Usually this time on a Sunday morning, I will be on my way to Church. I would already be dressed in a nice outfit. have my hair done, (Which usually means put back in a pony tail) Purse on my shoulder, and Bible in my hand. But today, that's not the case.

My whole family left for Church about 20 minutes ago. Why didn't I go? Well, it is a pretty simple explanation...I'm Sick.

Usually when I have a cold, I will just deal with it, and try to stay away from people. I am not one who cancels something because, "I sneezed." We have friends who are always cancelling something because of a very minor problem, but I won't mention names...:)

Remember the Brady Bunch? The cute but corny TV show from the 70's? Well, in several episodes they cancel an activity, because someone had "the sniffles." Little Cindy sneezed once, and she was sent to bed, and got to stay home from school. Sometimes I wish I could get away like that, but then I remember one tiny thing...I'm Homeschooled. So, even if I was sick, I would probably end up doing some of my school. I don't have to send an absent note to my teacher. I don't have a certain amount of school days I can miss before I fail a class. I know that whatever I am doing, my school is sitting on the desk waiting for me.

But, since today is not a school day, I can sit home and do...nothing. Well, that's not true. I am blogging, aren't I? And I should probably do something productive, like, take a shower, or clean something. What to clean...Hmm...I don't know. I'll figure something out.

But I know something I can do for fun!!!

JELLY TELLY!!!!!!!!!

Jelly Telly is this online web show created by Phil Vischer. (The Veggie Tales guy) The shorts are about showing kids that the Bible is an awesome book. Even though I already know that, I still love watching it. And on Friday, my mom and I went to Lifeway Christian Store, and she got me...


A Jelly Telly DVD!!! It's called "What's in the Bible with Buck Denver." (He's the guy on the front.) I have watched most of it, but  maybe today, I can finish it. This DVD covers Joshua, Judges and Ruth. If you want to watch some of the episodes for free, go here. It is super funny. My favorite characters are Buck Denver, Michael, and Ian.

So...I better go do something learn about the Bible with Buck...:)

See you all later! ~Sam


Kellee said...

Aw, I hope you feel better!! :)

tiph4jesus said...

Woot's to samantha! Ma Friend