Monday, February 27, 2012


Last week started the first days of lent. Lent is a Catholic tradition that is a way to feel part of the suffering that Jesus gave by giving up something that means a lot to you. Like, food, or computers, or TV. Even though we aren't Catholic, my family decided to do it this year. Each member in my family decided to give up something different.

My dad is giving up his cell phone. He likes to use it to check sports, news, or just text. But, he decided that when he is not is at work, he is not on his phone. I realized that he has been reading the news papers a lot more.

My mom is giving up Diet Coke. She loves it, and knows that she drinks it too much. So, she decided to not drink it. She has been sticking to water, or iced tea.

I am giving up junk food. True, I don't eat it more than the next person, but I feel that I could eat a lot healthier. So, I have been counting my calories, and trying not to eat as much as I have been.

My brother Collin is giving up the ipad. If he isn't on the computer, chances are, Collin is on the ipad. So, he decided that he wasn't going to use it at all. (Which stinks, because now he spends a lot more time on the computer we share...)

Cameron is giving up a few things. Cameron LOVES chips. He could eat a bag a day, so he decided (well actually, my mom decided for him) to give them up. He is also giving up playing the Xbox.

Evan hasn't really given anything up, because he really has nothing to give up. Since he is behind in his schoolwork, he isn't aloud to play computer, or ipad, or Wii, or Xbox until he gets caught up. So...he hasn't giving anything up yet...but he is only 9. And he is giving up the things that the whole family is giving up...

Like, soda. For lent, no one in my family is going to drink soda. I haven't had soda is about 3 years, so it isn't a problem for me. We are also giving up unhealthy food. My mom has been buying more healthy food, which makes it easier for me to reach my goal.

Lent lasts for 40 days. The last day of lent is the day before Easter. I think I can handle it for that amount of time. The only problem my Birthday is on Sunday, and on Saturday, I am having some family over for a Birthday Party. And...I am pretty sure there is going to be cake and ice cream. So, it is going to be hard not eating my own birthday cake, but I think it will get easier as the days go by. :)

Are you celebrating lent? If you are, what are you giving up?

Thanks for reading!! ~Sam

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I'm Catholic, so I celeberate lent usually.
But somehow, nobody told me the first day of lent and I was asking a few days after, hey, when does lent start and people said it already started. I am giving up on...strawberry candy. I love love love it. So I am giving it up.
Happy lent!
(Hmm... 'lent' sound less weird in spanish...)