Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What you Missed Part 1 (My Birthday)

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have posted on here. I guess I have been pretty busy. The past few weeks I haven't spend much time on my computer for a few reasons. Although I didn't give the computer up for lent, I have tried to spend more time outside, or doing something that doesn't require electronics. And, well, that's one of the reasons I haven't been on here. The other reason is, my brother Collin gave up his Ipad for lent, so he has been spending extra time on the computer. That doesn't make since to me. But, it has helped me stay off it.

So, a lot has happened since I last wrote on here. First off, I am no longer 15. On March 4th I turned 16. It doesn't feel any different, but it never does. I was actually afraid that my birthday was going to be cancelled. Here is what happened...

I woke up on March 3rd pretty excited. I was having a small family party that night, and having one of my friends over. I quickly got up and dressed, and went out to the kitchen where I saw my mom. She didn't look good. I soon found out that she had the stomach flu. She hadn't thrown up yet, but she said her stomach hurt really badly. She said she was going to go back to bed, and see if she felt better after that. So, about 3 hours later, she woke up, and felt even worse.

She was planning on cancelling the party, but I told her she didn't have to. I could make the dinner, and clean up, and decorate. So, she went to lay down again, and I started cooking. Now, I enjoy cooking every once in a while, but I had never prepared a whole meal for 25 people. We were going to have tacos, enchiladas, and other Mexican food.

My dad helped me with the things I couldn't do, and my brother made the sauce for the tacos, and the cake was already made, I just had to decorate it. So, about 45 minutes before everyone came, we had the whole kitchen messed up finished up, making sure everything that was suppose to be warm, was warm.

Finally, we had the dishes clean and put away, the food warm, and the tables set. So when the guests came, (my mom's side of the family) everything seemed to go better. My aunts helped me serve the food, and once everyone had eaten, clean up. I don't think I could have done it all by myself.

But that wasn't really what I was worried about. The next day was my birthday, and the only think I asked for, was to go shopping in Toledo with my mom, so if she was sick, we wouldn't have been able to go. So when I went to bed that night, I figured that we would go in the next few days, so when I woke up the next morning, (my birthday) I found out that my mom was feeling better. (Yay!!!)

I wasn't expecting any presents, but I did get a really pretty purity ring and a matching necklace from Kay Jewelers. They are aqua marine, my birthstone.

So...we went to church that morning, and then we came home and had lunch, then mom and I went to Toledo. We went to Family Christian stores first and I got an Owl Cup, and Adventures in Odyssey Album 54. Then we went to Barns and Noble, but I didn't see anything I liked. Then we went to the mall.

We went to the Disney store. I hadn't been to it in several years, so when I walked in the store, I'm sure my jaw dropped to the ground.

Tangled EVERYWHERE! They had a whole line of tangled ever after stuff! I never wanted to leave that store.

After about a half hour, I ended up spending the rest of my money, and got 5 dolls.

A 12" Rapunzel doll. $10
A 12" Flynn Rider Doll. $10
A 12" Mother Gothel Doll. $10
A 16" Disney Animator's Rapunzel Doll. $20
A 16" Disney Animator's Belle Doll. $20

Afterwards, we went to Panara for an early dinner, then went back home, and finished the day watching Sue Thomas FBEye.

A lot more has happened this month, and I will share it all with you later. I think this post has been long enough...:)

Thanks for reading! I will put pictures up of the dolls soon. :)



Kellee said...

Well, Happy {Late!} Birthday, Sammy! :) Sounds like you had a great time afterall. :)

Liddy said...

Happy late birthday! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check my blog for more info.