Friday, November 2, 2012

Dare to Play

I love Nancy Drew. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you probably already know that. I have loved Nancy Drew since I was seven years old.

It all started on a normal day. I don't remember the time of year, but it was probably Six O'Clock in the evening. I was tired, so I decided to take a nap. Mom had gone to the store, and I was waiting for her to come back.

I don't know how long I was asleep, but mom woke me up, and told me she had gotten me something. I was excited...until I saw what it was.

Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.

If you don't know, I'm not into scary things. I hate horror movies, roller coasters, toasters, (because you never know when they're going to pop) And biscuits in a can. (You have to hit them to pop the can, and it always scares me when it pops) Weird, I know...

Anyway, being seven, I was pretty freaked out when I saw a computer game with a bunch of scary dogs on the front with glowing eyes. Plus, who was Nancy Drew?

Mom explained that Nancy Drew was a detective. She had read the books when she was younger, and when she saw the game, she thought it was something I would like.

Let's skip back to about two years. I was five, and I remember going to my friends house. My friend had an older sister, and I remember watching her play this game on the computer. I thought it looked fun, but I didn't know what it was.

A few months later, mom got me some Carmen Sandiego Jr. games. I thought maybe those were the games that my friend's sister had been playing. But they weren't.

So, after installing the Nancy Drew game with my mom, we started playing it. I didn't realize until a few years later, that the game my friend's sister was playing was a Nancy Drew game. It was Stay Tuned for Danger!

So, I started playing the game, but I got freaked out in the first ten minutes when I few through the broken floor boards, and had to get a second chance. (If you have never played any of the games before, when you do something like, fall off a roof, or blow something up, you can get another chance by using the 'Second Chance' button. I had to use that hundreds of times while playing them for almost 10 years.)

What I think scared me the most, was when the dogs finally appeared. They come up to the window of the cabin, barking, scraping on the doors and windows, the electricity in the house going on and off. I was sure that the dogs would find their way into the house somehow.

They didn't. But still, it scared me. I didn't want to play anymore. But my mom did. She liked that kind of stuff. I finally sucked it up, and continued to play it, and soon, I ended up enjoying them.

I guess it took awhile to figure out that it is only a game. Now, I have all 27 games. I have won all of them, except the newest one, The Deadly Device, which just came out two weeks ago. I haven't had much time to play it, but I will have it solved in the near future.

So, that's it for this post. I wanted to post something on here, since it had been awhile since I had, but I wasn't sure what. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have you played Nancy Drew games before? Which one is your favorite?

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Anonymous said...

I love ND! My favorite game is Warnings at Waverly Academy. Unfortunately the computer broke and I can't play it anymore.
But we did get the newest game, Ghost of Thornton Hall. We finished it on May 12 I believe. We pre-ordered it.