Saturday, January 25, 2014

Magazine Interviews

Have you ever been interviewed by someone before?

I remember years ago when I had my own "newspaper," and I would interview people (my friends) on all sorts of different topics. (Though, they usually revolved around Nancy Drew and American Girl.) I had never taken part in a real, professional interview. I had seen them go on before. About four years ago, we went on a field trip to a TV station. We got to sit in a very small studio and watch the show's host interview several guests. I remember thinking how calm and laid back the one being interviewed was. Something told me that if I was the one in that spot, that I would stumble over my words and make a fool of myself. 

Last November, I had the opportunity to participate in my very first real interview. This one was over the radio. It was a promotion for my book, and I had a few minutes to talk about what it was about, and answer some really easy questions. The thing that made this a little intimidating was the fact that it was being done live. That meant that if I messed up, there was no going back to fix it. Let's say that I was a little nervous. But, I did get through it. It wasn't the smoothest talking I had ever done. (Seeing that big red "on air" light can be a little nerve wracking) but I think I did okay. I mean, how much can you really mess up in five minutes? (Okay, probably a lot if you tried.)

Like I said, that was in November. But just the other day, (yesterday, to be exact) I participated in another kind of interview. This one was a lot different than the previous one.  

I was interviewed for a magazine.

So, the reporter came over. It helped that she was very friendly, and that she was a woman. (The DJ that interviewed me for the radio was in his sixties, and had this really long beard and hair. Not necessarily something you see everyday.)

The woman had a recorder that she sat down on the table, and then she started asking me questions about my book. The questions started out like, "How did you get into writing?" and "How did you hear about NaNoWriMo?" These were pretty basic questions that were easy to answer. Occasionally she would write something down in her notebook, or ask me to spell something, but really, it just seemed like a conversation between the two of us.

The interview went on for about 45 minutes. Although the interview was mainly about my book, she asked other questions about my piano playing, my school, my plans for the future, etc. Some of the questions took a little time answering  because I really wasn't expecting them, and weren't sure about my answer. But I think it all went okay.

I don't know if I'll ever be asked to be interviewed again. It surprised me that I was interviewed by a magazine before the local newspaper, but you know, I find that kind of cool. If having an article about myself in a magazine was ever on my bucket list (which I don't think it was) I could scratch that off now. I don't know what issue of the magazine I'm going to be featured in, but I will make sure to share the interview on here once I receive a copy of it. 

So, that was the highlight of my week. 


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