Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chapter 1: Briella

Because I am bored at school...

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Briella. She lived in a kingdom called Caspar, filled with merchants, peasants, and rich people. Briella was neither rich nor poor, though compared to the rich folk, she was quite poor, and compared to the poor folk, she was quite rich. Nonetheless, Briella had everything she needed; nothing more, and nothing less. 

To many who knew her, Briella had the ideal life. She lived in a decent sized house on the edge of the kingdom. She shared the house with her parents, who were both kindhearted, and quite lovely individuals. Even the servants and staff that lived on the property adored Briella and her parents. Everyone was treated fairly. The staff were not treated as lower class individuals by their employers. Rather, they were treated like family. For example, if one of the servants were sick or injured, they would receive the decent care and treatment they needed to recover. They would also not be expected to work until they were fully functional once again. Every staff member working for the family truly appreciated this, and worked their hardest to see that they could please their employers, and satisfy them. 

Because Briella lived several miles from the heart of the kingdom, she rarely had the opportunity to visit on her own. Although her parents were very lovely people, they were both rather protected when it came to their daughter. She was only allowed outside when she was being watched by someone. And going to the kingdom was a definite no if no other was accompanying her. And it was very rarely that anyone had the need or desire to travel to the bustling town. "It is far too dangerous," Mrs. Holloway, the head housekeeper would say whenever Briella would bring it up. "The kingdom is very big, and you are much too small. It would be ridiculous to even consider travailing to the kingdom. Think of all the trouble you could get into! Someone your age and size would certainly fall into a trouble much bigger than you could imagine."

Briella heard these same words her entire life. She always assumed the older she got, the rules would become less. But no matter how old she was, the answer was always the same. This of course made Briella very upset. She would see carts and carriages going up the road to the kingdom day after day. They were often filled with people her size and smaller. They always looked so happy and excited to visit the large town. When she would see them return, their faces would be just as bright. In their once empty cart, beautiful items were seen. Smells of sweet candy and warm almonds often trailed behind the carts. If that was just a hint of what she would find in the town, she couldn't imagine what it would be like to be their on her own. 

Briella would often look out her window at night toward the kingdom's center. Even though it was far away, she could oftentimes see the warm lights from a distance. If she listened hard enough, she could even hear the sounds of people laughing, and the bright music being played somewhere far away. If she was lucky, she could catch the bright beautiful fireworks that would dance in the sky above. How she wished she could see it all up close. 

"One day," Briella would whisper to herself on those nights looking out her window, watching people come and go as they please. "One day, that will be me."

To be continued...

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