Thursday, December 10, 2009

Basketball, Dress Rehearsals, and Charlie Brown

This is a quick post, because I don't have much to post about. But I'm going to quickly show you a picture. So, this is a Picture of Chrissa in her Detroit Pistons Jersey.

She is a BIG sports fan, and she has been cheering for Detroit since the beginning of the season. She is always begging me to let her stay up and watch the games. But, I always have to tell her that it's time for bed. I mean, some of the games last until like, 11:00pm. That is Way to late for Chrissa to be staying up for. Isn't DVR great? :)

Oh yeah!! The Christmas program is in only 3 days!!! I'm SO excited!!! The last practice is the dress rehearsal on Saturday! It's going to be a 3 hour practice, so, We could get threw it about 3 times. Plus, we are going to be watching The Charlie Brown Christmas on the big screens in the sanctuary. It's going to be a fun, but bussy day!!!

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Cori said...

I luv your new backround Sammy :)
Oh and if you want to see behind the template change it too minima.
Its one of the templates to choose from on change template on your account.
Oh and adorable pic :)