Sunday, December 13, 2009

Programs and Presents

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! The Christmas Program is tonight!!!!!! I'm So excited!!!!! We set up the props on the stage this morning, and we have to be at Church tonight at 4:30. (The Program will start at 6:00) I can't wait!!! It's going to be SO cool!!! I just hope that they don't call me up to say something cause I wrote it. I don't like talking in front of a bunch of people. I would post the play on my blog, but it would take FOREVER to load. Oh well, I'll try to post pictures. Well, the other day, my Aunt gave me a question to ask you all. The question is... What was the best Christmas Present you ever got? Please post and tell me. Well, my favorite present was Kirsten, my first AG doll. Anyway, I would love to know your answer!!!! Thanks!!! -Sammy


Maybob said...

Mine would be a teddy-bear to be absolutly honest :). I got it when I was 3/4 I'm not quiet sure but he's been in my bed ever since, I cuddle him everynight and bring him on sleepovers. I'm eleven now.

Cori said...

My ipod :)

Sharayah said...

I'm Sharayah and I am trying to beat my friend by reaching 30 followers by January 15th, I followed you! Could you follow me back? I give special shoutouts to people that follow me and I also tell others about my New Followers Blogs! I promise!
Well, the best gift I ever got...would have to be my LAPTOP. LOL I love my laptop.

Kendra Logan said...

My best Christmas present I ever got was my cellphone last year! I was not even asking for one, but I wanted one so badly. It was such a surprise! :)

~Kendra at Carpe Diem