Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthday's, Lanie, and New Years a week too Late :)

Hey Guys!! Happy New Year!!!! (A week to late) :) Anyway, I hope everyone had a great New Year. So, has everyone seen Lanie yet? She is SO cute!!! I almost have enough money for her. But I decided I'm going to wait till my B-Day to get her. (Only 55 more days!!!) LOL!!! Anyway, speaking of B-Days, I have the coolest Idea for my B-Day party. But I can't tell you what it is, because it's a surprise to everyone who's coming. My friend Abby is always asking me what the party theme is. But I always tell her, "You have to Wait!!!" Isn't that right Abby??? Anyway, I have another question. And that question is... "What was the best B-Day party you every had, or went to??? Please comment and tell me your answer! I'd love to know. And when it comes closer to my B-Day, I'll start giving away more hints about my party. And I want everyone to know that if you all lived closer, you would all be invited!!!! So, I don't want anyone to feel left out. But I'll give you one clue about the party. (I takes place in a building) You can all guess if you want!!! Hehehe!!! -Sammy


Maybob said...

Build-a-bear or bowling? Is that it? Lol

SammySleuth said...

Good Guess, but Even if Someone dose answer right, I'm still going to keep it a secret, :)

Cori said...

My favorite birthday party was probably at the bouncy place..u were there lol..i will wait for the clues..i know I'll guess it..ha ha ha ;)