Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas and BOB the Puppet and Movies

So, I just realized that I haven't put anything up about what I got for Christmas. I filmed a video on Christmas night, but I forgot to put it up, so finally, here it is. :)

Also, my friend and I made a facebook page for Bob. He is a puppet. 

So, if you happen to have a facebook, Search "BOB the Puppet" And like the page. :)

Also, I have seen a lot of movies lately. 

On Saturday, we went to see War Horse. That was pretty good. It was super long. Like, 2 and a half hours! But it was good. 
Then on Sunday, I went with my dad to see "Custer's Last Stand." It wasn't at the movie theater, it was at a very old theater in town that used to play movies, but now it is just used mostly for plays. Well, I live in Monroe Michigan, which is where George Custer, (the youngest General ever) Grew up. So, we have a lot of Custer stuff in town. So, in a few weeks on PBS, their is going to be a special called, "Custer's last Stand." And since Monroe has a lot to do with Custer, they decided to show it here. It was interesting, but kinda boring. It was mostly just pictures of Custer, and his wife Libby, and his friends, and Indians, and war scenes. lol 

Then today, we are going to see The Adventures of Tin Tin! It looks good! I am excited to see it!

The finally, next week, we are going to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D! That is what I am mostly looking forward to. And not for Beauty and the Beast....but for the short that comes before it...


What are some movies that you have seen recently?

lol Well, That's it for now!!! :) ~Sam

(This was a very strange post) lol

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Rachel said...

Haha love Bob!:) I was debating about whether or not to see War Horse, but I might now...You should write a big review on it :)