Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Game Review: Carmen Sandiego

I haven't posted on here in awhile. We just got back from Pittsburgh, and not long before that, we went on a trip to Cincinnati. So, it has been pretty busy around here.

I was't exactly sure what to write about. I could tell about our trips, but I didn't get many pictures, and I don't think we did anything that would excite you all. So, I thought I would show you a little "preview" of my other blog, "Sammy's Reviews."

I know that I have told you about my other blog, where I post book/game/movie/music reviews.I don't post on it much. I can hardly keep up with this one. But it is fun to write reviews every one in awhile, so I thought I would review a game on this blog, so you can kind of see what the other blog is like. And maybe, you might want to follow that one also.

So, the game I am reviews today is...

   Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego: Treasure of Knowledge

This game came out back in 2001, but was updated in 2007. (I have the oldest copy) 
If you don't know who Carmen Sandiego is, she is a world famous villain, who will steal pretty much whatever she can get her hands on. She works for V.I.L.E., a group of thieves. You, on the other hand, work for A.C.M.E. The "good guys." Your job in all of the games are to find Carmen, and retrieve the things she has stolen.

I guess back in the late 80's-early 90's, there was a Carmen Sandiego television series. I personally, haven't seen it, but I did hear that in the next year or so, Walden Media is going to make a Carmen Sandiego movie. And I guess Jennifer Lopez is going to have some part in it. Who knows? Maybe she'll be Carmen. She does kinda look like her...

Anyway, I am getting off the subject. In this game, you are working with two ACME agents...Jules Argent-A smart agent who used to work with Carmen when she was with ACME, and Shadow Hawkins-A new ACME rookie who want's to think he is tougher than he really is. That is one thing I liked about the game. Jules and Hawkins don't get along to well at the beginning. But as the game goes on, they have to learn to work together, which helps them both.

Anyway, Carmen starts stealing things, and as an ACME agent, it is your job to find clues around the world in different countries to help you find the stolen objects. That is one thing in the game that was kinda "over the top." Jules and Hawkins just HAPPEN to go to the EXACT place in the WORLD to find what they are looking for. But I have to keep telling myself..."Sam, it's a kids game." 

There are several logic puzzles in this game, which are my favorite. But the main part of this game is geography. They never tell you exactly where you have to go. They will give you small hints, like, "The capitol of this county is Paris." Or something like that.

If you don't know the answer, you can use a game based database to search words or places, and it will tell you what county you are looking for. It come very useful in the game. You can also learn words and phrases in different languages. (That is mainly for fun)

There are eight missions in this game. Each mission you find something Carmen has stolen, and at the end, you find out the reason she stole the things she did. 

This game is meant for 8-12 year old's. I was about nine, when I first played this game. I did end up finishing it eventually, but it took awhile. It was one of those games that you really get into, then put it down and don't play with it for awhile. Just recently, I pulled the game back out to play it. There were a few places that I got stumped, but I eventually figured out what I did wrong. 

Altogether, the game is pretty corny. The graphics aren't the best, and it isn't quite up to date. (When in New York City, you can see the Twin Towers from your bedroom window) But I did enjoy myself while playing it again. I think one of the reasons I had fun, was because it brought back many memories playing it in our basement with my brothers watching me, and because I love the whole mystery/secret agent plots. 

You can buy this game on Amazon for less than $7.00. Depending on your personality, this could be a good or bad price. But if you want to learn more about the world geography, this game is defiantly for you. I learned so many facts by playing this game. And although it might not help you ace that geography test you didn't study for..It sure does make you feel smarter. And that is one of the best feelings to have.

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