Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer School

So, when coming to write this post, I noticed that my blog has had exactly 22,000 views since I started in July 2009. Thank you all for your support! I really appreciate it! :)

Anyway, yesterday was a very fun day. We went to Banner Oak School in Temprence Michigan. It is a one room schoolhouse that was built in 1871. And we got to play school! My family, and about 12 other families in our homeschool group came. We all dressed up in pioneer styled outfits, and brought lunch that a school kid back in the 1870's would eat. I brought an apple, a small loaf of bread, cheese, carrots, water, (yes, it was in a bottle) and a piece of apple pie. (Yum!)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun! A woman in our homeschool group was the teacher. She read us stories about bravery and telling the truth, and we all memorized a passage about perseverance. She asked us simple questions about history, geography, spelling, and grammar.

Each of us got a slate and chalk, and had to use a primer and write a passage of our choice on the slate. Mine was about enjoying God's gift of nature. (I can't believe that was used in public schools!)

At recess, we played several games, such as Leap Frog, Fox and Geese, and the Farmer in the Dell. We also played with wooden stilts.

My favorite part was towards the end. In the schoolhouse, their was an old piano, very much out of tune. I asked the "teacher" if I could play it. (Most of the kids were outside) And she said yes. So, right when I started playing, about 7 girls came in. I was playing I see the Light from Tangled, and all the girls started singing along. It was so much fun!!

Afterwards, my friend Abby and I went to Diary Queen. (Still in our outfits) People were looking at us funny. We made a point to talk about "getting money from the buggy" and "making sure the horses had enough water" in front of people.

My mom took several pictures yesterday. Here are some of them.

Group of kids that came. (I'm sitting on the step on the far left)

Lining up for class! (Girls first, or course)

Ready for class!

The Teacher

Some fellow school mates. :)

Reading some "old school books" (Not really. It was a sketch book)

Lined up to start the game!

The Boys

The Farmer in the Dell (I was the cheese that stood alone)

The stilts were a lot of fun!

It was a very fun day! I hope that we go again! I really learned a lot! Have you ever been to a One Room Schoolhouse? What was your experience? I'd love to read!! Please comment!

Thank you!!!


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