Thursday, October 8, 2015

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What's this, a second post in less than 24 hours? Sam, you must be sick.

No, but seriously, I forgot how much I missed blogging. I remember when I had no life, and would write everything on here. On Monday night, some of my friends decided to go back and read some of my old blog posts. That is really what got me thinking of starting back up again.

If anyone were to go back and read what I had written years ago, they would clearly see that my life revolved around American Girl dolls, and Nancy Drew. I won't dare say that these two parts of my life are still not a huge part of it, but I guess over the last few years I've had to prioritize. I can love Nancy Drew by owning every single book, playing every single game, and knowing the dialogue of every character, but what would that prove? That I'm a mega fan? I think that's already been determined.

That's not just what you are going to be seeing on this blog anymore. I still absolutely adore Nancy Drew, along with many other geeky fandoms including Star Wars, Sherlock, and Marvel. And although it may be something I write about here and there, I want this blog to be about my life. So if my life includes fangirling over the new Sherlock trailer (which, by the way, looks incredible.) Than that is what I will post about. These posts could be based on thoughts I've had, or places I've gone, or hopefully even videos I've made. (I would love to get back into making YouTube videos.)

I can't classify this blog in any other way than saying it is about Sam, the weird, semi-neurotic, geeky, fangirl from Michigan.

I hope that's a good enough explanation.

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